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When will my slime ship?

Slimes will ship within 4-6 days of ordering on Monday-Friday, though delays can set that back.

How long does it take for my order to come?

The time it takes for your slime to come will determine where you live and how fast USPS can deliver. On average it takes around 7-10 days to deliver.

Can I refund orders?

We currently don't take refunds, but if you made a purchase by mistake and contact us right away before we print out the label, a refund may be possible.

My package is marked as "delivered" but isn't here

Oftentimes USPS delivers to neighbors or misplaces items. Check with your neighbors and other places USPS could have put your order. Delays can also occur, and your slime may arrive days later after you get your "delivered" message. We currently do not offer refunds for packages marked as "delivered".

I put in the wrong address at checkout!

Contact us as soon as possible so we can change the address or cancel the order. Orders that go to the wrong address will not be refunded. Please make sure to enter the correct address at purchase.

Can I cancel my purchase?

We currently do not offer cancellations to purchases.

My slime arrived sticky/melted/stiff

Due to weather fluctuations across the country, slimes may arrive too sticky or stiff during transit. Please visit our slime care tab, or the card included in the order, to see how to fix slimes.

How long do slimes last?

With proper care, slimes can last for a couple of months. If your slime gets too sticky or stiff, please visit our slime care tab. Slimes will naturally deteriorate and become unusable after a while.