Slime Care

Make your own activator
Simply dissolve the borax given (1 teaspoon) into 1 cup of warm water.
Tip: Microwave your water and borax to make it dissolve quicker!

Sticky Slime
If your slime is too sticky, take your activator and re-activate your slime by adding a half teaspoon at a time and kneading it into the slime.

Don’t overdo it, your slime can go stiff and lose its stretchiness.

Note: For clear slimes, mixing the activator will make it cloudy. Let it sit for a couple of days to clear up.

Tip: If your slime is still sticky, let it sit in a cool environment to firm up.

Stiff Slime
If your slime is too sticky, kneed in some lotion or baby oil a little at a time until the desired consistency is reached. For clear slimes, let your slime sit in the sunshine for a couple of minutes in the jar to warm back up.

Tip: If your slime is still stiff, put your slime in a warm environment. You can submerge your slime (in the jar with the lid tightly sealed) in warm water for a couple of minutes to thaw.

Before/After play
Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after play to increase its longevity. Store the slime back in its original jar and close the lid tightly to prevent drying the slime. Store in a warm environment.

Keep away from pets, children, furniture, and clothing!
Slime may arrive too stiff or sticky depending on weather conditions.