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Mango Time

Mango Time

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It's mango time! This tropical fruit from the Bahamas can now finally go on vacation to your room for you to play with. With fruity mango scents & buttery soft texture, this slime is a great option for you to choose!
  • Super Stretchy - Over 1 ft of slime stretch, blowable slime bubbles, and super soft & buttery fun!
  • Non Sticky- Nonmessy & simple to clean up after play! Great for keeping your hands & furniture clean. 
  • Long Lasting - Juma’s long-lasting slimes come with air-tight containers preventing dry out & hardness. 
  • Pleasing Scents - Fun natural scents just like the real thing, without the harsh chemical ingredients.
  • Perfect Gift - Great for birthdays & holidays to anyone who’s looking to relax and have fun. 

Texture: This slime features a thick and glossy slime that can be mixed with the cloud slime topping to create a satisfying thick but soft slime that is great for stretching and play

Scent: Mango

Size: 6oz 

What’s Included: 
6oz Base Slime
0.5 oz Cloud Slime
Decorative Mint Leaf

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